This project is an offshoot of Killing Season Chicago, made for specifically for Crime Unseen at the Museum of Contemporary Photography. The show will run from October 28th - January 15th. This addendum will mirror the time period of the show.

Killing Season Chicago Addendum

Killing Season Chicago Addendum
Museum of Contemporary Photography, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Emmitt Suddoth, 38 & Bryant Glass, 39

On January 2, at least seven people were shot and two were killed at a motorcycle bar on the south side. The shooting occurred around 1:42 a.m. at 149 West 75th Street in Chicago’s West Chatham neighborhood. The address belonged to Hawks MC. The two victims were identified as Emmitt Suddoth and Bryant Glass. At least five of the seven shooting victims were found inside the bar. Authorities said the shooter belongs to a motorcycle gang called "The Street Soldiers."

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  1. E. Suddoth A.K.A. Brian B.K.A. "World" is so dearly miss by many. His life is a Legacy.

    Dear Brian,

    I can now rest assure knowing that when it is my calling, I have a Angel, a friend waiting there for me and I need not be afraid. I am still deeply saden, actually in disbelief that you-World is no longer a "physical" part of this World. I eagerly await to see you again. I miss you so much, your son and I dont let a day go by with you being mention in our life. I thank God for allowing me to have such a wonderful friend. You was a great Brother, the best Son anyone could ask for, a wonderful provider, a loving partner, one of the best people to "sig" with, and the PERFECT Man anyone Woman could have to be the Father of there Son! I am so bless, so graceful, so thankful to call you the Father of my only Son!! My heart is in pain EVERY day...I go often to sit by your grave site, but it just don't seem like enough. How do I go on, how can I go is not my life with you!You was my friend! As the holiday's roll around, I sit and watch the empty face of your child as he states he don't ever want to celebrate another holiday. What is a parent to say to her child? I never knew how such great impact you had on others around the world as well as your family. I am angry, I am sad, I am confused.....I - WE are lost! I often scream (and I do mean scream) WHY, Why did you have to go ....... If I could have 1 wish it would be for you to be back. I know they say your job was done here on Earth but me, I can't never say that, there is some many times I want to call, text, fuss anything just to reach out to you and get a response! I cannot stress enough how lost your son is without you(you 2 was 2 of a kind, how could you 2 have food fights in PUBLIC?!!- Y'all still in trouble for that too). He is like a fish in water-disable and can only float! What am I too do, how can I go throat feels like it is shut, my eyes look like I am from a different race, my heart is off beat, my walk is with a limp, my run is in place, my ears are lost of melody and my tongue is without taste or words! I miss you more than any words can every express. As the proud Mother of your Son, you were one of my best Friends and I will always love you!